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Featuring photographs taken between December 2011 and May 2012.

First London Savages Gig - The Art Rocker New Blood Festival

Savages (20), Vuvuvultures (13), Arrows Of Love (11), Bleech (10), Zoetrope (9), Manflu (8), Drop Out Venus (6), The Dogbones (6), Partly Faithful (5), Healthy Junkies (5), Fat White Family (4), No Cars (4), Anto Dust (3), Arp Attack (3), Shuga (3), Toy (3), Black Casino & the Ghost (2), Exotica (2), Grim Dylan (2), Moja (2), O.Children (2), Purson (2), Pussycat & the Dirty Johnsons (2), Skinny Girl Diet (2), Teta Mona (2), Umez (2), Without My Medicine (2)

And single photos of: Art Trip And The Static Sound, Bank of Joy, Bitches, Black Cherry, The Cellar Family, Cellophane Flowers, Cold In Berlin, Dogfeet, Fever Fever, Foe, Hana Piranha, A History of Apple Pie, I Blame Coco, In Evil Eye, Indians, Keebo, Lilygun, Mab, Maleficent, Plant Plants, Public Service Broadcasting, Tambourines, The Tuts, The Voyeurist, Underground Railroad, Vienna Ditto, Visions of Trees, Wilco Johnson


Published Dec 2012

144 A4 Pages

163 B&W Photos

55 Bands

Amazon £14.51 post free
(available soon)

LULU £10.88 + p&p


Featuring photographs taken between June and September 2012.

A trip to Berlin - The 1234 Shoreditch Festival

Arrows Of Love (16), Savages (12), The Dogbones (11), Vuvuvultures (10), Skinny Girl Diet (9), Partly Faithful (7), Second Head (7), Foe (6), Los Cripis (5), Black Casino & the Ghost (4), Deap Vally (4), Little Fish (4), No Cars (4), Rachel House (4), The Tuts (4), Unkindness Of Ravens (4), Without My Medicine (4), Zoetrope (4), Cousteau Twins (3), Drop Out Venus (3), Eclipse (3), Fever, Fever (3), Las Kellies (3), Severin (3), Black Moth (2), Bleech (2), Cold In Berlin (2), Comenachi (2), FURS (2), Healthy Junkies (2), Helium Robots (2), Manflu (2), MsMr (2), Neurotic Mass Movement (2), Novella (2), O.Children (2), Pussycat & the Dirty Johnsons (2), Sheen (2), Vienna Ditto (2)

And single photos of: Arp Attack, Bank of Joy, Bubblegum Screw, Charlotte Clark, Clockwork Era, Dark Bells, Evi Vine, Joseph Coward, Keebo, Lola Colt, Love Me Tenders, Stereo Virgins, Sunman Knockout, Umez, We Walk On Ice


Published Dec 2012

152 A4 Pages

182 B&W Photos

54 Bands

Amazon £14.54 post free
(available soon)

LULU £10.88 + p&p

Featuring photographs taken between October and December 2012.

Top gigs from Pins and Drop Out Venus

Drop Out Venus(14), You Love Her Coz She's Dead(13), Pins(12), Partly Faithful(11), Vuvuvultures(10), Jelly(8), Rachel House(8), Manflu(7), Arrows Of Love(6), Cellophane Flowers(6), The Indecent(5), The Tuts(5), Without My Medicine(5), Healthy Junkies(4), Sheen (4), Bird(3), Fangs On Fur(3), Le Corps Mince de Francoise(3), O.Children(3), Unkindness Of Ravens(3), 2:54 (2), Bonfire Nights(2), Chew Lips(2), Grim Dylan(2), Lola Colt(2), Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons(2), The Coolness(2), The Dogbones(2), Vienna Ditto(2)

And single photos of: 2 For Joy, Art Trip And The Static Sound, Atomic Suplex, Clockwork Era, Creatures Of Love, Dawn Hunger, Escape House, Gasoline Queens, Hana Piranha, Hella Better Dancer, Lampost Gullivers, Love Me Tenders, Neurotic Mass Movement, No Cars, Second Head, Skinny Girl Diet, The Goggenheim, The KVB, The Shondes, Umez


Published Dec 2012

140 A4 Pages

170 B&W Photos

49 Bands

Amazon £14.51 post free
(available soon)

LULU £10.88 + p&p

Coming Soon - very limited edition boxed set of books 1 - 3

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