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Little Fish

21st May 2007

Purple Turtle
24th May 2007
Jericho Tavern
2nd June 2007
Riverside Festival
17th June 2007
Lark on the Park
29th June 2007
Bullet Bar
3rd July 2007
Cobden Club
9th July 2007
Pleasure Unit
13th July 2007
Bull & Gate
18th July 2007
Port Mahon
2nd August 2007
BBC Radio Oxford
4th August 2007
Cobden Club
9th August 2007
Camden Barfly
12th August 2007
the Wheatsheaf
7th September 2007
Dublin Castle
10th September 2007
Pleasure Unit
13th September 2007
Camden Barfly
20th September 2007
The Drawing Room
22nd September 2007
The Carling Academy Oxford
22nd September 2007
The Drawing Room
22nd September 2007
Oxford Arts Festival
29th September 2007
Dublin Castle
4th October 2007
Jericho Tavern
5th October 2007
The Wheatsheaf
6th October 2007
Jericho Tavern
13th October 2007
Freuds Cafe & Bar
14th October 2007
Fiddler's Elbow
19th October 2007
Corn Exchange, Camborne
26th October 2007
More Music, Falmouth
27th October 2007
Salt Bar, Hayle
27th October 2007
Cross Kings
2nd November 2007
3rd November 2007
The Blackout, Jericho Tavern
4th November 2007
Bull & Gate
9th November 2007
The Cellar
10th November 2007
20th November 2007
Duke of Camden
22nd November 2007
Jericho Tavern
24th November 2007
Havana Bar, Portsmouth
8th December 2007
The Dry Bar
12th December 2007
Oxford Town Hall
20th December 2007
Oxford Town Hall
21st December 2007
The Beard Museum
23rd December 2007
The Fly
28th December 2007
Cross Kings
New Years Eve 2007
Cobden Club
10th January 2008
12th January 2008
Goldsmiths College SU
28th January 2008
Bull & Gate
2nd February 2008
8th February 2008
Port Mahon
20th February 2008
Hope & Anchor
21st February 2008
Bullington Arms
22nd February 2008
Jericho Tavern
1st March 2008
6th March 2008
Westbourne Studios
9th March 2008
The Wheatsheaf
14th March 2008
The Drawing Room
15th March 2008
The 100 Club
21st March 2008
26th March 2008
The 100 Club
28th March 2008
Jericho Tavern
1st April 2008
Club Fandango @ 229
3rd April 2008
Oxford Zodiac
4th April 2008
Exeter College Ball
19th April 2008
Indy Awards @ the Forum
25th April 2008
Juju @ the beard museum
27th April 2008
Middle of Nowhere Festival
2nd May 2008
Juju @ the drawing room
3rd May 2008
9th May 2008
Juju @ SIN
10th May 2008
Exeter Hall
12th May 2008
Oxford Punt
14th May 2008
Fire Gathering Festival
16th May 2008
Great Escape Festival
17th May 2008
Bar Academy
29th May 2008
The Fly
30th May 2008
The Monarch
31st May 2008
Pump Aid @ the Port Mahon
4th June 2008
Isle of Wight Festival
15th June 2008
Dublin Castle
16th June 2008
The Cellar
19th June 2008
Kensal Green
20th June 2008
Talking Heads
26th June 2008
29th June 2008
Cowley Road Festival
6th July 2008
the Zodiac
16th July 2008
Soho Revue Bar
18th July 2008
Truck Festival
19th July 2008
Thirst Lodge
7th August 2008
EnDorset Festival
8th August 2008
Oxford Academy
20th August 2008
Water Rats
2nd September 2008
Wedgewood Rooms
13th September 2008
Oxford Academy Zodiac
14th September 2008
Postbahnof, Berlin
8th November 2008
The Wheatsheaf
21st December 2008
31st December 2008
The Wheatsheaf
4th March 2009
The Water Rats
11th March 2009
The Bullington Arms
8th April 2009
Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
2nd September 2009
The Fiddlers
24th October 2009
Proud Galleries
5th December 2009
Notting Hill Arts Club
7th February 2010
The Barfly
12th February 2010
Oxford Academy
6th March 2010
The Water rats
11th March 2010
16th April 2010
The Social
8th June 2010
Ben & Jerry's Sundae Party
24th July 2010
The Drawing Room
4th September 2010
8th September 2010

Southsea Festival
18th September 2010

Old Blue Last
2nd November 2010
Cobden Club
15th December 2010
93 Feet East
29th January 2011
The Cellar
11th March 2011
The Drawing Room
7th May 2011
24th June 2011
World's End
11th September 2011
The Barfly
10th October 2011
Oxford Castle
14th September 2012


Axe Kid are:

Axe Girl -Vocals and Guitar
Kid Max -Vocals and Guitar
Welax -Drums



























































































































































































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