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Caenarvon Castle 18/2/05
Paradise 11/3/05
Caenarvon Castle 31/5/05
Barfly 11/6/05
Mau mau 8/7/05
Metro 26/8/05
Rhythm Factory 15/9/05
Barfly 1/10/05
Inn on the Green 14/10/05
St Moritz 27/10/05
Inn on the Green 06/03/06
Inn on the Green 28/04/06
Barfly 3/6/06
Underworld 3/6/06
Barfly 7/10/06
Barfly 3/3/07
Paradise 13/4/07
Paradise 01/06/07
Purple Turtle 13/06/07
Barfly 16/06/07
Carnival 27/08/07
Paradise 12/10/07
Paradise 14/12/07
Paradise 26/05/08
Barfly 21/06/08
Barfly 20/12/08
Flyover 08/11/12

Carnival of Souls is a rather unusual rock band, blending keyboard thythms with electric guitar, and their sound is psychadelic as well as outgoing, but also melancholic at times. They have a few instrumental numbers.
The singer is particularly articulate and is absolutely amazing on stage... He doesn't just sit there like a good boy... Decadent pupil!

With Gronk, lead singer and keyboards, Gus: lead guitar, John: bass guitar, Hugo: drums.










































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